In the age of information where the future commodity is governed under "K" economy, progress has made compulsory for research and development to be carried out. Recognised for its scholarly contributions and expertise, Borneo Tourism Institute researches and developes Tourism-related issues with emphasis Nature Tourism for both private and public bodies.

In this globalisation age, as Travel Industry evolves from Mass Tourism to Strategic Tourism, quality competitiveness in terms of product and services, becomes common.

Borneo Tourism Institute, has been an essential supporter and prime mover for the development of Nature Tourism in Malaysia. Among them is like the renowned Danum Valley Conservation Area (DVCA), where key developers from Borneo Tourism Institute had participated in the initial Nature Tourism development of the DVCA.

To those interested in tapping into ever-competitive field of Tourism, Research & Development team of Borneo Tourism Institute provides the cutting edge through systematic approaches;

  • Niche positioning
  • Product assessment and development
  • Human resources assessment
  • Quality Assurance
  • Occupational Standards development
  • Database Management